Prime Minister's Statement


A fair, transparent, efficient and effective election system is at the very heart of the democratic process in any country. As such, the Election Commission of Papua New Guinea is mandated under the Organic Law on National and Level Government Elections.

The Election Commission has improve significantly over the years in conducting elections and managing the electoral processes in PNG. Although, the 2012 National Elections has received overwhelming criticisms, the commission has yet delivered another successful election defying all odds.

The launching of the 2013-2017 Corporate Plan will give a clear direction for PNGEC and its stakeholders. It demonstrates our efforts towards a coordinated set of plan of actions. Implementing the plan over the period will prepare the Electoral Commission for the up-coming Local Level Government Election s in the mid-year, 2013 and by-elections. These activities will enhance capacity building and give greater confidence to Electoral Commission in the lead up to 2017 National General Elections.

Administering and conducting elections are not sole responsibilities of the Electoral Commission, rather a ‘whole of government’ responsibility. As such, the Interdepartmental Election Committee (IDEC) has performed very well and contributed immensely towards the successful election 2012 and I must commend them for their coordination role.

This Corporate Plan has aligned its strategic themes in line with GoPNG Medium Term Development Strategies (MTDS) and this approach will progressively improve the administration of election processes and the conduct of future elections in Papua New Guinea.

On behalf of the Government, I as the Minister responsible commend Electoral Commission for this well-coordinated plan of action in this Corporate Plan. Hence, it will provide a pathway to successful and improve election services to the people of PNG in the future.

Hon. Peter O'Neill CMG, MP
Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea

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