Enrolment Awareness

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This section gives out all Enrolment Awareness messages that PNG Electoral Commission intends to bring across to the Voters.

AOur Electoral Roll Update Locations

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BEnrolment Guide

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What is Enrolment?
It is the process through which all eligible voters are enrolled to be registered on the electoral roll.

Who should Enrol?

1.  A Citizen of Papua New Guinea, (who)
2.  Have lived within an electorate for (6) months or more.
3. 18 years of age and older,
4. 17 years old in 2016 and will turn 18 before 20th of April 2017 (at the time of the Issue of Writs for the 2017 National & LLG Elections).

Why should I Enrol?
It is compulsory by Law that all eligible voters must enrol. A voter  who is enroled, is eligible to vote in the 2017 Elections. He/She can then choose good leaders to represent his/her views in the Parliament at the National and Local Level.



When should I Enrol?
The Enrolments will Open on the 1st of June and will Close on 20th of April 2017.

Where should I Enrol?
You should Enroll at your respective Wards. The Enrolment Agents will be visiting every wards in your Provinces to conduct Electoral Roll Updates and New Enrolments.

How should I Enrol?
You will fill out the Claim for Enrolment Form, or Form11 that will be issued by an Enrolment Agent. On the Form 11 are three types of Enrolment;

1. New Enrolment,
2. Transfer Enrolment, and
3. Provisional Enrolment.

Select the type, which you are eligible for, Fill out your name and other required details, then sign and return the form.