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This section will help as you nominate during this nomination period.

Paying of Nomination Fees for the 2017 National Election

This serves to reiterate the importance of nomination fees deposited to be paid into the correct bank account.

The Nomination Fees payable by an intending candidate contesting the National Election is K1000.00.
The collection of fees from or payments by intending candidates can only be made before the issuance of writ and before the closure of the nominations as determined by the Organic Law on National and Local-level Government Elections.


The instruction herein, sets out the processes and procedures to be followed by the concerned Provincial Returning Officers, Returning Officers and Assistant Returning Officers at the time of accepting nominations:

  1. All nomination fees paid by intending candidates must use the nomination fee deposit slip produce by PNG Electoral Commission
  2. The Deposit Slip indicates the bank account name, account number and the distribution of copies,
  3. The Deposit Slip must be filled out correctly indicating full name of the candidate, full name of the Electorate being contested,, full name of the prescribed fees in words and figures and the bank cheque details if the deposit is done using a bank cheque, (Only a bank cheque is acceptable by PNGEC).
  4. All nominations fees must not be paid into other account except the nominated account managed by PNG Electoral Commission,
  5. Upon payment of the nomination fees the receipt must be receipted against the Bank Statement hence is the proof of evidence by the candidate concern has paid his nomination fees.
  6. If the nomination payment cannot be confirmed or is not on the bank statement the PRO, RO and ARO should not accept his/her nomination.
  7. The records of collected nomination fees must be reflected on the nomination records

 Furthermore, for the benefit of everyone the bank details to which nomination fees to be deposited are shown below:-

Branch:                     BOROKO
Account Number:     1000489658

The basic reason is to ensure proper management of, and accountability for public moneys collected for election nomination purposes. 

Authorized by
Electoral Commissioner.

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