PNG Roll Lookup App


PNG Electoral Commission for the first time is now availing the current PNG eligible Voter Roll online. The aim of this initiative is to ensure eligible voting population know if they are on the roll or not. This also provides an opportunity for voters to know where they will vote. The PNG Roll Lookup can be done on this website and on any Mobile devices with PNG Roll Lookup App installed. The app is available for free on all app stores for Android, iOS and Windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What devices can the PNG Roll Lookup App run on?

The PNG Roll Lookup app can run on any Android, iOS and Windows phone. From your smart mobile phone simply go to your device app store and do a search on “PNG Roll” and install the PNG Roll Lookup app. After you install you can do search and filter like you would do from this website

2Do I need internet access to do search online?

Yes, you will require internet access to do roll lookup check. There is another off-line version but is commercially available through our partner developer

3Can I register or update my detail online?

No, you cannot register or update your detail online. This is because your registration or change of detail must be approved by an authorize PNGEC delegate. The Roll Lookup from this website or from the mobile device is only for checking if a person is on the PNG Roll or not. To register or update your detail you must visit your nearest Electoral Office.

4I don’t seem to find my name on the PNG Roll Lookup?

The Roll Lookup App matches the last name you type so it is highly recommended that you conduct that first round search with the last name and subsequent filter using letter by letter of the first name and/or other column filters.

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