1710 Status Report: Electoral Roll field work in the provinces

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato has expressed satisfaction that electoral roll update field work is gradually gaining momentum in a number of provinces throughout the country. Mr. Gamato said some of the provinces that are well ahead of the others include East New Britain, East Sepik, West New Britain, Milne Bay and Central.

“While these provinces are taking the lead in their enrolment activities, I strongly encourage others to follow suit by complete conducting their four levels of cascade training of returning officers, assistant returning officers, enrolment agents, ward enrolment committees and data processing officers,” he said.

Mr. Gamato said in East New Britain three districts namely Kokopo completed roll update field work and elector data processing is in progress while Rabaul and Gazelle are progressing with enrolment filed work.

He said Pomio district will start field as soon as it completes training for its enrolment agents and ward enrolment committees.

Status report on enrolment field work for East New Britain is as follows:

  • Kokopo District
    • Kokopo/Vunamai LLG, Raluana LLG, Bitapka LLG and Duke of York LLG - Completed their enrolment filed work and elector data entry is in progress.
  • Rabaul District
    • Rabaul Urban LLG, Balanataman LLG, Kombiu LLG and Watom LLG – Enrolment field work is in progress.
  • Gazelle District
    • Toma/Vunadidir LLG, Livuan/Reimber LLG, Lassul/Baining LLG and Inland Baining LLG – Enrolment field work is in progress except Central Gazelle LLG which will start field work soon after completing training for its enrolment agents and ward enrolment committees last Friday October 14, 2016.
  • Pomio District
  • Sinivit LLG, East Pomio LLG, Central Inland Pomio LLG, West Pomio/Mamusi LLG and Melkoi LLG – Yet to start field work awaiting training of its enrolment agents and enrolment ward committees which will be conducted this week Friday October 21, 2016.
  • The East New Britain Provincial Data Center is based at the Provincial Electoral Office in Vunapope.

In East Sepik, all enrolment field work materials have been received by the electoral office in Wewak and dispatched to the returning officers and assistant returning officers to conduct training for their enrolment agents and enrolment ward committees.

The training was completed last Friday October 14, 2016 and they now preparing to start enrolment field work in the province. The province is now awaiting training of its data processing officers and checkers pending confirmation from PNGEC ICT and Operations branch in Port Moresby.

The Provincial Data Center for will be located at the Provincial Office in Wewak.

In West New Britain, the enrolment schedule for the 12 LLGs in the province had been finalized and endorsed by the Provincial Election Steering Committee (PESC) for enrolment agents and ward committees to follow during electoral roll update exercise.

Enrolment filed work materials including Form 11 (Claim for Enrolment Form) and working ward rolls for the 12 LLGs have been received by the Provincial Electoral Office to start field work.

Third level training for enrolment agents and enrolment ward committees have been completed for six (6) of the 12 LLGs and they include Kimbe Urban LLG, Mosa LLG and Hoskins LLG in Talasea District and Kandrian Inland LLG, Gasmatta LLG and Kove/Kaliai LLG in the Kandrian-Gloucester District.

The West New Britain Provincial Administration has appropriated a total of K600,000 to assist the electoral office in Kimbe to conduct filed work as per the memorandum of agreement (MoU) signed between PNGEC and WNB Provincial Administration in 2015.

WNB Provincial Administration has allocated K50,000 to each of the 12 LLG in the province to assist the conduct enrolment field work. The WNB Provincial Data Centre will be located at the Kimbe Electoral Office.

Meanwhile, data processing for the other two enrolment pilot projects in Rigo district, Central province and Alotau district in Milne Bay is progressing well.

Kokopo district in East New Britain is the other enrolment pilot project which has completed filed work and is also into data entry/processing.


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