1611 First Anniversary today for Gamato as Electoral Commissioner

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato today quietly celebrated his first anniversary since his appointment as Electoral Commissioner of Papua New Guinea 12 months ago. Members of the senior management team and advisers from PNGEC's international partners were invited to join Mr. Gamato to for the quiet celebration at his conference room.

Mr. Gamato marked the occasion with the cutting of a small first anniversary cake organized by staff of his executive branch.

He used the small occasion to appeal to his senior management and all the staff of the Commission both at the headquarters and in the provinces to work as a team to successfully deliver the 2017 national election.

"This organization is here to stay. It is not my personal organization."

"We have to live by the mandate to effectively run the organization," Gamato said.

Mr. Gamato flanked by his two deputies and members of ​ his senior management team plus officers from PNGEC's international partners.

In re-emphasizing the theme for the 2017 national election "Your Choice, Protect Our Democracy" Gamato said that the world is changing and PNG is also changing.

"Therefore, the choice is on us the voters to elect in good leaders ​to Parliament to run our country and protect our democracy."

Mr. Gamato said there were achievements in the last 12 months since he took office as new Commissioner but said more work has yet to be done.

And he thanked his staff nationwide for working as a team and urged them to continue giving their support in the coming weeks and months in preparation for the 2017 national election.

He said some of this achievements include the successful conduct of two national by-elections - South Bougainville Open electorate by-election which the Commission saved about K1 million and the Samarai-Murua Open by-election which PNGEC made a save of K800,000.

In the last 12 month Commissioner Gamato attended two important international meetings in Suva, Fiji and in Bali, Indonesia.

He ​was ​at hand to fully brief the last nine IDEC (Inter-Departmental Election Committee) meetings which were chaired by the Chief Secretary to Government and attended a number of important Cabinet and government caucus meetings.

Mr. Gamato said the Commission's focus for 2016 is the updating of the Electoral Roll.

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