0512 NCD residents urged to visit enrolment locations

Eligible voters in NCD have been strongly urged to be responsible for their own enrolment by visiting their nearest enrolment location to check their names and details roll and enroll if they are not registered. A total of 271 enrolment locations have been confirmed in three NCD Open electorates – Moresby North East, Moresby North West and Moresby South.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato says electoral roll update work has already started in the city and city residents have 14 days which starts from today December 6-20, 2016 to turn up at the selected enrolment locations to ensure their enrolment details are correct and register if their names are not on the roll.

“A full listing of all the enrolment locations for each electorate will be published in the newspapers in the coming days and therefore there’s no need for residents to cross electorates to check their and details or register,” Commissioner said.

He said NCD residents can see the full list of all the enrolment locations by accessing PNGEC website (www.pngec.gov.pg) whilst arrangements are being made to have them published in the newspapers.

Mr. Gamato said that in 2012 a total of 253,870 eligible voters were registered on the NCD Roll and PNGEC expects are slight increase in new enrolments as most residents are existing electors who have only changed locations within the city limits.

He also urged NCD residents to make sure they receive correct information and messages on the enrolment update exercise from the Electoral Commission as the election management body and no one else.

“It is illegal for people to conduct awareness on election without the authorization of PNG Electoral Commission,” Gamato warned.

The warning followed incidents of private citizens conducting election awareness on enrolment in certain locations in NCD with misleading and conflicting information to the public.

For more information, NCD residents can contact the following persons:

  • Michael Are, Returning Officer Moresby South – 739 73976
  • Vincent Manukayasi, Returning Officer Moresby North East – 725 73535/765 11415
  • Moka Havara, Returning Officer Moresby North West – 730 45522

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