2301 Government Printer urged to lift game

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato has called on the Government Printer Christine Lenturut to lift the standard of printing at the Government Printing Office to an international standard. He was responding to a statement by Lenturut this week that the printing of ballot papers for the 2017 national election could have been handled by the Government Printer instead of giving the job overseas.

"It is high time the Government Printer and the Government raise the standard of the printing of ballot papers."

"If we think ballot papers are important, then there must be some standards set so that I can be comfortable to use the Government Printer to print the ballot papers," Gamato said.

He urged Lenturut to get the Government to build the capacity of and capability of the Government Printing Office.


Mr. Gamato denied that the Government Printer had quoted K12 million to print 10 million ballot papers for the 2012 national general election.

"Their quotation was based on the 2012 general election ballot paper features. I gave them new security features in it. I asked them to quote on that one but they could not."

"They wrote back to me after two weeks and said 'they could not do it. The said that they cannot print these new features."

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