3101 National Logistics Plan for 2017 Election launched

The master plan for 2017 election, the National Logistics Plan, was launched today by the Chief Secretary to Government Ambassador Isaac Lupari at the Electoral Commission headquarters in Port Moresby. The small but significant event was witnessed by Commissioner Gamato and his staff, members of IDEC who are mostly departmental heads and senior bureaucrats plus PNGEC's international partners.

Chief Secretary Ambassador Isaac Lupari described the master plan for election 2017 as the blue print to deliver future elections in PNG more efficiently and costly effectively.

He said the National Logistics Plan was developed following serious concerns raised by the government, stakeholders and the public at large on the ever increasing cost of conducting election in PNG each election year.

"The O'Neil Government demanded that a plan be put in place to ensure elections are conducted in a cost effective manner. The plan is inline with the Financial Management Act"

Mr. Lupari pointed out that the National Logistics Plan is the the blue print for the management of future elections in PNG.

"It's the first time such a plan has been put together and I personally commend the Electoral Commissioner for the leadership he has brought since his appointment as the man to lead the PNGEC."

"The Electoral Commissioner needs all our support that's why we have this whole-of-government approach."

"Not only the public service; support must come from the community and churches. Without our support, he (commissioner) is not able to deliver a free, fair and safe election in a cost effective manner."


​The Chief Secretary encouraged all leaders at all level to calm down and put aside whatever differences they have and support Gamato and PNGEC to deliver a good election ​to our people.

"Being negative is not going to help the cause; the cause is making sure that our people go to the polls to exercise their constitutional rights to vote without intimidation and fear."

"So it's incumbent on all of us, those leader in different levels of the civil society to rally behind and give the support and encouragement the PNGEC needs."

"I'm calling upon all the leaders to put aside all those talks. It doesn't help anyone at all. All it doe is it raises question marks on what we are doing."

Mr. Lupari said it's important that everyone worked together and give the support and credit where it's due.

"Let's be positive about things that are happening in our country rather than being negative all the time."

Meanwhile, Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato said that the National Logistics Plan was an initiative PNGEC took upon itself as the election management body of PNG with the support of the Australian Civil Corp to finalize it.

Mr. Gamato said the plan was already being implemented by PNGEC as it's a working plan and deals with issues like procurement of big ticket items like ballot papers and ballot boxes and polling schedules are also outlined in it.

"The plan helps us to coordinate the work between ourselves and the security forces in terms of their support to PNGEC."

"PNGEC cannot run the 2017 election alone. It is incumbent on the government to support us like the departments of Finance, Treasury and National Planning which are key government departments so we work very closely in terms of supporting each other and mobilizing logistics and resources to fund the elections."

He said that the K400 million budget for the 2017 national general election appropriated by the National Government will be used to fund the National Logistics Plan.

"Using this plan, we will bring our specialists to map out the transport requirement for air, land and sea."

"I'm happy and confident because PNGEC has delivered the last eight elections and this is the ninth election."

"So we have the experience and knowledge within the organization to deliver the 2017 election with the support of the Chief Secretary and government agencies."

"With the whole-of-government approach, I believe we can deliver the 2017 election successfully."

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