0304 Officials trained to accept nominations for 2017 polls

First level training for all Election Managers and Returning Officers for the 2017 National General Election commenced this week in different venues in the four regions. Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato said that this training is to prepare them to accept nominations from intending candidates when the 2017 election writs are issued April 20.

“PNG as a nation is ready to go for election to elect the night Parliament.”

“We are ready to deliver the election because our planning and preparations under our strategic operation plan and the national logistics plan are all on target,” Mr. Gamato said. 

The Electoral Commissioner officially opened the Momase Regional Workshop in Lae on Tuesday while Deputy Commissioner Corporate Services John Kalamoroh opened the New Guinea Islands Region training and Deputy Commissioner Election Administration, Simon Sinai will open the Highlands regional workshop (all on Tuesday). 

Commissioner Gamato said that there have been some changes to the Returning Officers but PNGEC is dealing with that case by case. 

He, however, said that he has already made the appointments which will be in for gazettal gazette this week. 

The Electoral Commission said that his message to all the Election Managers and Returning Officers is simple, “uphold the Constitution do you job honestly and diligently.  People will count on you to deliver a free, fair and safe election.”

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